How to Prevent Cancer

Having been with my cancer ass kicking husband for over 7 years now, I feel strongly about doing everything we can to prevent chronic disease of any kind, namely cancer and it's re-occurance. Preventing cancer, "if it were that easy, wouldn't we all do it?" asks my mega health conscious friend. The answer - YES! Or should I say, we try. Many people are unaware that as many as two-thirds of cancers are preventable.

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Most of us know that smoking causes cancer, in fact 30% of all cancer deaths are related to smoking. But, according to the American Cancer Society, one third of cancer deaths are attributed to poor lifestyle habits such as physical inactivity, obesity and poor diet.

In fact, the National Cancer Institute reports an association between obesity and some cancers such as esophagus, breast, endometrium, colon, rectum, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas and thyroid. And for cancer survivors, extra pounds are associated with a higher chance of re-occurance, especially in breast cancer.


October is breast cancer awareness month and I urge you to encourage your loved ones (and yourself) to make some positive lifestyle changes not only for weight loss, but to prevent your likeliness of developing chronic disease, most importantly cancer prevention.

We can't be entirely sure that following these guidelines will stave off cancer, after all, cancer has been a hard nut to crack and we do know that our chances for developing it lie deep within our genetic code. But we might as well try!

Fresh Veggies

Weight Loss:

  • Eat breakfast to prevent overeating later in the day.

  • Consume less calories by cutting your meals in half while eating out.

  • Order more salads with vegetables and protein and less burgers with fries.

  • Eat frequently, every 3-4 hours. Snack ideas: apple + nut butter, Kind bars, string cheese, 2% plain Greek yogurt + fruit, hummus + carrots.

  • Cook at home more often than eating out during the week.

  • Limit alcohol consumption (1 drink/day or less for women and 2 drinks/day or less for men, according to the American Cancer Society).

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Physical Activity:

  • Aim for 30 minutes a day.

  • Split up the 30 minutes - three 10 minute walks is just as great as one 30 minute walk.

  • Take the stairs.

  • Park farther away.

  • Don't use the remote control - get up to change the channel and turn off the TV.

  • Find a work out buddy - keep each other accountable and supported.

Regular check ups with your doctor are also important to catch any first signs of disease right away.

Contact us for recipe ideas, snacking tips and more ways to lose weight, move often and be the best you possible!




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