How to Avoid the Free Holiday Treats at Work


Ok - is it just me, or does EVERYONE struggle to avoid the donuts, cookies, Sees candies, brownies (basically all the most delicious and sweet treats ever) at work around the holidays? Or, really, any day of the week, any day of the year? If not - you're lucky! For the rest of us, here is a basic how to avoid these tempting freebies in the break room:

1. Have a strategy: if at all possible, avoid the break room or kitchen when you know there are tempting treats lurking in there. Keep your own snacks at your desk so you don't even have to face the temptation. Knowing that this tactic might not be realistic for everyone - here's another strategy - take the long way to the kitchen. Studies show that the closer a food is located to you, the more likely you are to eat it.

2. Be mindful: Just because these treats are FREE doesn't mean that they are digested and stored in the body any different than a $2 donut would be...and guess what, they won't taste any better just because they're free. IF you do really want to indulge in a sweet treat, make a conscious decision to go to the kitchen and get that donut or candy. Do this action mindfully and eat slowly, allowing yourself to truly enjoy each and every bite. You may even find that eating half of the donut is satisfaction enough.

3. Resist, then reward: every time you walk by and resist the temptation to snag a mini snickers, Sees bordeaux candy or crumb of a brownie, say to yourself "good job, I'm awesome". Challenge yourself to going 1 entire week of resisting temptations and reward yourself with a manicure, massage or that pair of sunglasses you've been wanting. Rewarding yourself with non-food items after successfully completing a goal helps solidify these healthy habits so that next year, you'll walk by those donuts without as much as a second look!

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