4 Healthy Holiday Swaps (That Save You 200 Calories Each!)

Champagne with Raspberries
Cookies, peppermint bark, toffee, Sees candies, egg nog, pumpkin pie...just a few of our favorite things for the holidays! It's no wonder we all want to cleanse, lose weight and exercise more in the New Year - we've just spent the past month eating a ton of sugar, alcohol and WAY too many calories.

Whether it's temptations at work, holiday parties or your friendly neighbors bringing by that delicious tray of treats, we all face the same challenges this time of year. Fear not! Instead of depriving yourself entirely, here are 4 easy swaps that will keep your diet (and overall health) on track while saving you an extra 200 calories:

  1. Instead of egg nog, go for a glass of champagne.

  2. Skip the pumpkin bread at Starbucks, swap a tall non-fat pumpkin spice latte.

  3. Try vegetables with guacamole instead of chips and dip.

  4. Swap that large handful of mixed nuts with a large handful of pistachios in the shell.

Bonus tips:

  • Eat before going to a holiday party - don't show up hungry! When we're hungry, we're much more likely to over eat and have a harder time passing up tempting appetizers and desserts.

  • Move more - plan a hike with family or friends, go to a work out class or simply walk, whatever gets you moving will burn some extra calories.

  • Portion control - envision your plate before you sit down to eat: fill half with vegetables and fruit, a quarter with lean protein and a quater with starch (ideally a whole grain!)


Don't wait until next year to start making changes towards a healthier lifestyle, ThriveRD is now offering a holiday promotion for a limited time only!

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