Weight Loss Diets: They Work IF You Stick to Them - Fact or Fiction?

Box of Juices

There is ALWAYS a new fad diet on the market. We all want to lose weight in order to look and feel great, but do diets really help with weight loss? Does it matter which diet we pick - as long as we stick to it? Or are diets just another quick fix to a more complex problem? All your questions answered here!

Juice Cleanse, Gluten Free and Paleo are just 3 of the main stream popular diets out there. What are these diets? Do they help with weight loss? Do they encompass a healthy way of eating?

Juice Cleanse

Fresh-squeezed juice

What is it:

  • Also known as "liquid fasting", juice cleanses rid the body of assumed toxins or unhealthy components of food such as added sugars, salt, preservatives and artifical additives by restricting intake to only specific varieties of juice concoctions for a period of time.

Does it help with weight loss:

  • Yes, weight loss can be expected, but keeping it off is another story.

  • Most of the weight you lose while cleansing comes right back on once you reintroduce whole foods or go back to an unhealthy eating routine after the cleanse.

Does it encompass a healthy way of eating:

  • Not exactly. Juice cleanses, after all, only include liquids in the form of juice - leaving room for various nutrition deficiencies such as lack of fiber, protein and calcium.

  • Your body goes into a prolonged state of starvation, which may interfere with blood sugar levels and metabolism, slowing it down long term.

  • Have a plan: after the cleanse is over, make sure you have an eating plan in place when you reintroduce whole foods.

  • If your diet before the cleanse was not a healthy one - don't go back to it!

Gluten Free

Moroccan Warm Chickpeas Salad

What is it:

  • Avoiding any foods containing gluten such as: wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Does it help with weight loss:

  • No. Gluten free diets are actually more likely to help you GAIN weight than lose it.

  • Processed gluten free foods may contain almost twice the calories of their traditional counterparts.

Does it encompass a healthy way of eating:

  • Not necessarily. You may lose out on certain nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, fiber and calcium.

  • Whole grains have proven health benefits such as blood sugar control, improving heart health and weight management.

  • If you are going gluten free for allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, try to avoid processed gluten free foods and consume other grains such as brown rice and quinoa to gain some of the same benefits as whole wheat products.


Grilled Chicken Breasts

What is it:

  • Eating like a caveman!

  • Paleo excludes dairy, grains, sugar (except for honey), legumes, starchy fruits and vegetables and fats (except olive oil, flax seed, walnut oil, coconut oil and avocado oil) from the diet.

Does it help with weight loss:

  • The goal of the Paleo diet is not necessarily weight loss. There is no real emphasis on moderation and portion size, therefore overeating of approved Paleo foods can lead to weight gain or inhibit weight loss.

Does it encompass a healthy way of eating:

  • The sustainability of this diet is challenging and therefore is not a realistic way of eating long term.

  • Because whole grains, legumes and dairy products are eliminated, you are at risk for nutrient deficiencies.

Bottom line:

  • Regardless of the diet you decide to follow, make sure it's one you can stick to long term. Weight loss is achieved with lifestyle changes and balance.

  • The best diet to follow? One that incorporates fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish, nuts/seeds, whole unprocessed grains and legumes and some low-fat dairy products (or other calcium-rich foods) for a complete diet.


For more healthy weight loss tips or to create your personalized plan, contact us today!




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