Are You Working Out Too Hard?

Is there such a thing as too much exercise? For most of us, the first thing we do when we want to lose a few pounds is rev up the cardio. This isn't necessarily the wrong way to approach weight loss, but we do need to be careful about going overboard.

Recent studies have shown that when we push our bodies to the max every day, it can stunt the results we are hoping to achieve. Our bodies go into "stress" mode and stop performing the way they should by producing excess Cortisol (stress hormone). Over exercising can also put us in a catabolic state, where our tissues start to break down. We can even start holding on to fat in a way that should not happen from exercise.

While most of us could use a bit more movement in our lives, the recommended amount of exercise is around 45 minutes a day or even less if you are working out effectively. Shoot for lower intensity workouts such as yoga or walking, which produce less stress on the body yet still will increase your heart rate and burn calories. Do you need a bit more zen in your workout routine?

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