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Virtual Health Coaching and Weight Loss 


"I believe that there is room for all types of food within a healthy lifestyle and that a combination of balanced nutrition, movement and mindful eating are essential elements of creating long term habits. My counseling style is meeting my clients where they're at and becoming a partner in their journey towards reaching their health goals. I am a teacher, listener, cheer leader and support system for my clients and am very passionate about helping them learn, grow and achieve the lifestyle they desire. My approach includes setting small, realistic, achievable and sustainable goals that leave my clients feeling confident, capable and successful." - Kelsey Gonzalez, RD, MDA

Consultation Services

1. Basic Q&A Session: 30 minutes

Not sure if you’re ready to make a long term commitment or investment in working with a registered dietitian? Or do you just have a few pressing questions that you need reliable, credible and direct answers to? This type of session is the perfect fit!


  • In the session you can ask straightforward, personal questions pertaining to your overall health and nutrition. 

  • You can schedule this appointment as a one time session or as a follow up session down the road.

  • This session is ideal as an introduction to working with a registered dietitian as well as a check in session for those working on maintaining their goals or holding themselves accountable.

2. Initial Consultation: 60 minutes

Interested in making lifestyle changes that will help support your long term health and nutrition goals? This session is the first step in making those changes!


  • In the session we will take an in depth look at your current diet and lifestyle and create a plan to get you on track towards reaching your goals.

  • You will receive an overview of our session along with an outline of your goals, plan and additional references via email.


3. A-La-Carte References: Available Via Email 

Not interested in scheduling a session but would just like guidance on certain challenges (for example, grocery shopping, how to read a nutrition label or healthy recipes that the whole family will eat)? This option is an easy way to go!


  • Simply send me an email at with your biggest challenge(s), such as how to read a nutrition label, and I will respond with an attached reference guide for you to follow.

  • Note: If your challenge requires a more in depth plan, such as weight loss, I will recommend scheduling a 30 or 60 minute session. 

Now accepting health insurance! 

Contact Kelsey for more information:

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