Virtual Health Coaching and Weight Loss: 


At ThriveRD, we believe that in order to truly be your best self it takes both eating right and moving. Our registered dietitian has put together a program that will incorporate both of these entities with the key ingredient being a strong support system and accountability. Kelsey provides personalized nutrition counseling centered around your health and wellness goals. 

Consultation Services

1. Basic Q&A Session: 20 minutes

Not sure if you’re ready to make a long term commitment or investment in working with a registered dietitian? Or do you just have a few pressing questions that you need reliable, credible and direct answers to? This type of session is the perfect fit!


  • In the session you can ask straightforward, personal questions pertaining to your overall health and nutrition. 

  • You can schedule this appointment as a one time session or as a follow up session down the road.

  • This session is ideal as an introduction to working with a registered dietitian as well as a check in session for those working on maintaining their goals or holding themselves accountable.

2. Initial Consultation: 45 minutes

Interested in making lifestyle changes that will help support your long term health and nutrition goals? This session is the first step in making those changes!


  • In the session we will take an in depth look at your current diet and lifestyle changes and create a plan to get you on track towards reaching your goals.

  • You will receive an overview of our session along with an outline of your goals, plan and additional references via email.


3. A-La-Carte References: Available Via Email 

Not interested in scheduling a session but would just like guidance on certain challenges (for example, grocery shopping, how to read a nutrition label or healthy recipes that the whole family will eat)? This option is an easy way to go!


  • Simply send me an email at with your biggest challenge(s), such as how to read a nutrition label, and I will respond with an attached reference guide for you to follow.

  • Note: If your challenge requires a more in depth plan, such as weight loss, I will recommend scheduling a 20 or 60 minute session. 

Additional Services: Health and Nutrition Specific Seminars

  • Topics include (but not limited to) 

    • ​Corporate wellness for your employees. 

    • Pre and post natal health and nutrition.

    • Sports nutrition for your gym members. 

    • Children's nutrition. 




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